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Agriculture price guarantees not very sustainable, warns academic

Published Aug 23, 2019
By Somluck Srimalee The Nation

Though the government plans to spend Bt150 billion on agriculture price guarantees, this measure will not improve the quality of products or boost farmers’ quality of life, an academic warned.

“The price guarantee cannot be applied to all products because they all take different times to produce, like rice takes three to four months, but rubber can take a long time to be converted to products. This government price-guarantee policy will not provide a long-term solution,” Assoc Professor Dr Nipon Poapongsakorn, an academic at Thailand Development Research Institute Foundation (TDRI), said recently.

He also said that the scheme will be difficult to control, as different areas have different market prices for different products. For instance, rice in the Central region goes at a different price compared to the North, which means rice farmers in different areas will get different amounts. The price of other agricultural products such as rubber, cassava, maize and palm oil also vary greatly.

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